Say Hello to the Hexagonal Hemp Temple Space. Build your own custom healthy home for under 20k!

The Haven Earth HEX Hemple Building Blueprint package covers the full building plans and specs for a hexagonal Sacred Geometrical Attuned Temple Space. Build it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you!

*Estimated 20k price based on standard fixtures & fittings and owner-builder sweat equity. Does not include costs for shipping materials.

The Hemple Package includes:

All of the design drawings in PDF format, which will show you:

  • All drawings and details required for complete build
  • Trailer specific engineered structural elements
  • Monthly Q & A Zoom Session with Designer
  • Hemp Material Resources

Complete Specs & Designs include:

  • loft space & second bed space for sleeping
  • full bathroom with shower stall & composting toilet
  • full sink in bathroom and potential hookup for washer/dryer
  • full kitchen with good size refrigerator and island with sink
  • two burner stove & small oven below
  • additional space for appliances to meet your requirements
  • lighting and power plan
  • windows, door and the roofing
  • specs area for your storage of your water heater
  • drainage points for your plumbing fixtures

The Wonderful Natural Qualities of Working with Hemp:

  • Hemp is simply superior as a building material
  • super insulating & non-toxic
  • fire, pest & mold resistant
  • amazing acoustic properties

When mixed with hydrated lime and natural binders it turns into a lightweight type of breathing concrete that regulates the indoor environment.

Winning Combination of Hemp-Crete + Hemp Wool

With this design, you get the benefits of both Hemp Crete & Hemp Wool which are a 100% Natural. Hemp Wool is used to address the weight load capacity and limitations of building a home on a trailer.