The Haven Earth PMA is a team of professionals coalescing around a common vision, bringing decades of hard earned knowledge and experience to implement our common mission of creating natural living environments and systems focused around agrarian models of living, growing, cultivating and harvesting a new way of living. We offer a holistic approach to developing projects from concept to implementation, educating others about natural building materials and techniques as well as training and support for the construction process. River and Imani met through the Brave New Life Community Conversations started in 2020 exploring Human Ecology through the lens of Syntropy (Nature). This exploration of relating and the search for sovereign solutions has built an online community with over 10k members. Imani and River have traveled thousands of miles to meet face to face with community members and navigate the path of building the “hemplate” that will model and build regenerative communities from the inside out.

Paul “River” Richardson

Paul “River” Richardson is a Bio-Architect, visionary, and co-founder of Haven Earth PMA. After graduating Architecture school in London UK in 2002, River (which he prefers) has traversed the world of architecture internationally for almost two decades, designing and building at the highest level internationally. From custom homes to luxury hotels and resorts, River has managed to transmute his experience, and is now through Haven Earth, offering solutions for the many issues plaguing our built environment, and natural world today. Through the use and exploration of natural materials, River leverages his experience and knowledge to design and develop creative ‘heartfelt’ solutions for ecological projects of all scales. From his experience managing large scale projects and developments, River realized a huge opportunity was being misused, and set out to create the Haven Earth SEED Center, to transform the typically entropic building construction process, into an amazing platform for educating and training the youth to build the new agrarian economy as well as ways of living in connection with Nature. What we call ‘growing home’. River understands that Hemp has the power to reshape the world of construction and much more than that, and is dedicated to regenerating agricultural areas, and exposing the abundance that is hidden in the soil.


Imanee Oxum Mamalution

Imanee is co-founder of Haven Earth PMA, Business Strategist and Project Manager. She brings her real world experience, as both mother and successful entrepreneur for the past three decades, to assist in harmonizing and strategizing the building of community from the inside out. Imani is a mama of five daughters raised with “instincts intact” – her four birth children were all born at home, unvaccinated and unschooled at her organic cafe where the curriculum was real food, ecology and the arts. Imanee has her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and is passionate about sharing information with others to make empowered and informed decisions. The first edition of her book The Absence/Presence of Soil was written over a decade ago and the latest revision (with the addition of her partnership with River) has come at the most critical time for humanity. Imanee has worked for the last five years in the Hemp Industry building a global business in the world of network marketing which has enabled her to do the “big vision work” she came here to do in the world. Her lifelong vision to empower others by building community and the new economy is coming to fruition with her union with River and the understanding that the future is positive with hemp.

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Evan Folds

Evan Folds is an agronomist, impact entrepreneur, and business strategist with 18+ years working in regenerative agriculture. His consulting platform Be Agriculture (www.BeAgriculture.com) works with clients across the landscapes of food, farming, and health and advocates for thriving people, plants and planet through living soil practices.

Evan can deliver a wide-range of connections and services from the agricultural arena from marketing and sales, to agronomy. With a focus on permaculture and cannabis as a gateway crop for economic development, decentralization, and human nourishment, Evan uses his passion for writing, science, spirituality, and storytelling to connect people with the wisdom of the living soil, and how to put it into practical action for delivering abundance, so the Earth may be healed.

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A student of Syntropic Agroforesrty and a teacher on Syntropic Human Ecology. Souvereign shares extensively on his comprehensions on the essence of Human Nature and how our intrinsic love based Human Ecology is foundationally bound on the same living principles that all of Life (Nature) effortlessly operates on. Souvereign shares how to be in relationship with all our relationships from a place of fearlessness, yet with an openhearted place of being through connecting again with our feeling-based nature. Sharing on how to reclaim Freedom and restore Self Sovereignty from within, can give people a tremendous insight into “how to navigate” these times that seem to be filled with crisis, breakdown and chaos by making use of its function.

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