“Hemp will be the future of all mankind, or there won’t be a future.” Jack Herer

Hemp Building Course

Our online DIY Hemp Building Course will guide you through the process of working with Hemp, from the initial design and planning, to the details and ‘how to’ of construction and finishing for your own hemp structure. Become a Member on the Haven Earth Network (HEN) platform to access the course, ask questions and get support. If you are a designer, contractor, or builder looking to pivot your business to the emerging hemp building industry Haven Earth’s hands-on “Hemping” training will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to build your business. Join us November 2022 in Kingsbury, Texas for our next on site Natural Building with Hemp Certification Course!


Hands-on Hemping

Join us for a one day Hands-on Hemping Workshop, held at various locations around the US, to learn about the amazing benefits of hemp and experience the unique characteristics of this Bio-Building material. Become a Member of our PMA to stay up to date and register for any of our upcoming Hemp Events on the Haven Earth Network (HEN) platform.


Community + Hemp

Join River & Imanee and other Haven Earth Community Members for our ongoing conversations exploring the building community through a more in depth understanding of the frequency of the HEMP plant and how it is moving through us to assist in building out the new future timeline. Connect with others, practice regenerative skills and building in harmony with nature, grow your own food and learn homesteading or simply discover new ways of being more self-reliant – with the support of others on the Haven Earth Network (HEN) platform.

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