“A transitional platform, sort of a guide, to allow people to begin relocating from the dense urban (sick) reality, into a nature inspired and focused community centric model of living, a creative haven”. – Paul Richardson, Founder.

Community + Hemp

Join River & Imanee and other Haven Earth Community Members for our ongoing conversations exploring the building community through a more in depth understanding of the frequency of the HEMP plant and how it is moving through us to assist in building out the new future timeline. Click the link below to receive the zoom link and zoom reminder.

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Community Events

Meet River & Imanee as they travel the country to build community with the popular “Freedom Potlucks” that started in the Summer of 2020 and hemp inspired events to educate others the role Hemp plays in building out the new paradigm. Join our mailing list to keep up with our travel schedules and weekly updates.

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Hands-on Hemping

Stay up to date with Haven Earth’s hands-on “Hemping” workshops in 2022 and learn more about the upcoming Haven Earth’s Natural Building with Hemp Certification Course (coming soon!) that will guide you through the process of building from design, constructing and detailing your hemp house through practical step by step hands-on learning.

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