Hello, everyone! I’m Imani, and I’m here with River at The Haven Village in East Tennessee. This is the home of the Haven Earth trade school, and we’re excited to start providing monthly updates to keep all our members well-informed about the rapid developments happening here.



At Haven Village in East Tennessee, our current focus is on developing the essential infrastructure needed for our community. This includes building pathways, parking areas, and preparing the land for 24 yurts in the Y Village. We’ve expanded our barn and created space for animals, including guard dogs, barn cats, goats, and chickens. We’re also working on relocating cattle.

Our site features glamping tents for builders and future residential members, and we’re developing an online booking platform for workshops and training sessions starting in the spring of 2024.

We’re building strong relationships with local contractors, neighbors, and Charles, our land steward, who appreciate our private model. Our vision includes a bridge, a spring, a bathhouse, and a cafe. As we head into winter, we’re adding amenities for builders and preparing for the interior fit-out of structures. In spring, we’ll embark on building the Pioneer Village and hemp structures, all with a focus on permaculture principles. Stay tuned for updates as we return to the land and work in harmony with nature.