By Paul River Richardson

A big part of my intention is to create home designs that are timeless and elegant, yet practical and healthy for the occupants and the planet. ‘As people become more and more aware of health and the power of Hemp to create healthful environments, the demand for Hemp homes will increase exponentially’. In an effort to support the growing demand for healthy hemp homes, Haven Earth is offering a collection of design packages in 2023 to assure people that building with hemp is not more expensive or complicated than regular home building, just more natural yet still very achievable. 

There are specific considerations when building with hemp. First, the installation of the Hempcrete itself is a non-conventional technique as it is hand-packed between formwork. Second, hempcrete is a non-load bearing infill material that does not require the plywood exterior sheathing and the interior drywall finishes which acts more like a monolithic wall system, somewhat similar to masonry yet still requiring a more conventional wood frame or a structural post and beam system to hold the roof up. Either way, you’re going to have to deal with some fairly non-typical details when building with this amazing natural material which is why we have developed these designs to include those considerations.

The first in the series is the Tiny Hemp Home as many people are looking for healthy, affordable solutions either to live in or as accessory dwelling units to increase the value of their property and add rental income.

This custom tiny home can be built for under 50k for all of the DIYers putting in owner-builder sweat equity and based on using standard fixtures & fittings. The Haven Earth Tiny Hemp Home Blueprint package covers the full building plans and specs for a 22-foot trailer with a 14,000-pound capacity weight load capacity. The design is a  winning Combination of 100% natural Hemp-Crete + Hemp Wool. Hemp Wool is used to address the weight load capacity and limitations of building a home on a trailer. 

Future designs include a 330 sq ft HemPioneer Studio, a 550 sqft 1 Bedroom Hemp Casita (or ADU) and the 880 sqft 2-3 Bedroom Hemp Haven in the upcoming months. Haven Earth is excited to partner with Hemp Build Magazine to officially announce the collection of hemp home designs they are launching in 2023 to meet the demand for healthy hemp homes.

COST: $499

They are offering Hemp Build Magazine Readers 20% off the first design of the Tiny Hemp Home using the code: HEMPBUILDERS


Originally published January 15, 2023 on Hemp Building Mag