By Lillian “Lilibet” Clarke

Come along for the ride…

And join me on my newest and dearest Vicarious Hemp Adventure. There are so many amazing benefits to this forever giving plant — like Hemp Animal Bedding!

Discovering new avenues within the world of industrial hemp has been rewarding in numerous ways.

Have you ever put a horse to bed? 

Did you know that horses sleep lying down?  

Think about how much you love to put your head on your favorite, soft pillow … well, your horse feels the same way about its bedding. Horses and humans all know the value of a good night’s sleep. 

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As I was driving down a country lane, past fields of horses grazing on well maintained pastures within their white post and rail fencing, I recalled the words to John Denver’s song, “Country roads, take me home.”

I began reminiscing about my childhood. How fortunate I was to have grown up on my family’s thoroughbred breeding farm in Maryland.  Horses, ponies, dogs and chickens were in abundance.

However, one of my least favorite chores was mucking out my pony’s stinky stall. And I will bet that is one of your least favorite as well!

Well, you can imagine I was thrilled to be invited to meet Ricki Neuberg, the owner of Nearaway Horse Farm in Perrineville, NJ.

As a passionate and concerned horse owner she was determined to provide the most superior bedding for her horses. Horses are noble and courageous athletes who depend upon their owners to provide them with the healthiest and most comfortable living conditions so that they can perform at their very best. 

After extensive research and usage, Ricki has concluded that hemp bedding is far superior to all the other products she has tried. One of the most successful US suppliers of hemp animal bedding is Waynesboro, VA – based Old Dominion Hemp. Marty Phipps at Old Dominion introduced me to Ricki and the Nearaway Family.

Old Dominion sells hemp hurd for animal bedding, as well as hemp construction materials and hempcrete.

Hemp Bedding…

  • Hemp is highly absorbent, soft, warm bedding that absorbs 4 times its weight thus keeping your horse dry and comfortable longer.

  • Hemp has natural fly repellent properties.

  • Hemp Bedding produces very little dust and since horses breathe only through their noses it is paramount to protect their respiratory and lung health.

  • Hemp curtails ammonia odors while mucking.

  • Hemp Bedding lasts longer which minimizes labor and expense.

  • It’s biodegradable, so within a few months you will have a rich mulch for your garden or to sell.

We can protect our environment and reduce our waste by making plant friendly choices.

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After all this is your horse’s home and providing the healthiest quality of bedding should be your top priority!

Choosing hemp bedding offers so many health benefits…for your horses, your helpers and our environment.

Royal rumors have it…that Lilibet The First beds her horses on hemp?

Happy Hemp Trails,


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Originally published April 3, 2022 on Hemp Building Mag