Clark “Antler” Anderson (L) stands with Ryan Doherty (R) in front of Anderson’s hempcrete guest home in Hopland, CA. Photo courtesy of Lillian Clarke

By Lillian “Lilibet” Clarke

How Intrigued would you be to receive an invitation to visit a Hemp home on the side of a mountain in the Emerald Triangle of California? For me it was too tempting to resist!

Driving up a winding dirt road, Ryan Doherty, president of Hemp Ventures, and I spotted what resembled an exquisite treasure chest. Approaching the home you can’t help but be instantly captivated by the majestic view of the vineyards and verdant fields in the valley. Clark Andersen’s pièce de résistance!

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Upon greeting us, Clark exuded such genuine warmth with his velvety Kentucky Bourbon voice while wearing blue jeans held up by custom made Derby suspenders.

“For me, there is no price tag on art,” Clark said as he proudly shared with us a few highlights. Clark was inspired to create an “Old World Look” with ancestral treasures like the hand hewn beams came from his ancestral farm in Kentucky, once a Hemp Plantation dating back to 1800’s. Hanging from the cathedral ceiling is an antler (Clark’s nickname) chandelier. Other reclaimed auction treasures are the stained glass window and the salvaged scrap metal hand crafted for the banister.

Lillian “Lilibet” Clarke visits the hempcrete cabin of Clark Anderson (L) in Hopland, CA. Photo courtesy of Lillian Clarke

The curved glass solarium with the hemp revel window peaking above is an added bonus to this architectural crown jewel. I was struck by the beauty and intricacy of detail throughout this sublime treasure of a home. Speaking of treasures, all the participants in this marvelous venture consciously embedded coins from their homelands throughout the walls. Such a personal touch!

Clark was encouraged to build his dream home with hemp by his Swiss friend Toni Laderach (Hemp Eco Systems/HES-Partner, Switzerland). Through a collaboration with Toni and Paul “River” Richardson (Heaven Earth PMA) Clark’s exquisite design was brought to fruition in 2021.

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Glynraven stained glass

Stained glass accents in Clark Anderson’s hempcrete cabin, Glynraven, in Hopland, CA. Photo courtesy of Lillian Clarke

This shangri-la hemp home highlights a fine art level of regenerative architecture with an air of bohemian sophistication.

The potentials of the hemp plant are far too great to ignore!

— Lilibet

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Originally published February 25, 2022 on Hemp Building Mag