Cameron McIntosh of Americhanvre Cast Hemp applies hempcrete insulation using a spray system. Photo courtesy Americhanvre

By Jean Lotus

Hemp construction techniques for hemp insulation using spray, block and cast-in-place will be discussed by international and U.S. experts in Denver at the NoCo8 Hemp Expo in March, organizers announced. 

Construction experts will share their expertise about hemp-lime “hempcrete” insulation in residential and commercial building projects at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Denver on March 24-25. 

Fire-resistant, mold and pest-proof, hempcrete is gaining popularity in the United States after being used in Europe for 30 years to build carbon-negative natural wall assemblies.

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Expert panelists will speak at the Education stage on the Expo’s Trade Show floor  at 2 p.m. on Thursday, March 24 during the NoCo Hemp Expo’s Business Conference and Investment Summit.  

Hemp construction panelist Cameron McIntosh, founder of Allentown, PA- based Americhanvre Cast Hemp is likely the most experienced spray-applied hemp insulation subcontractors working in the United States. 

Americhanvre also sells equipment and supplies. The company announced the April rollout of an American-made model of the EREASY Spray Applied Hempcrete System, developed in France. The machines will by manufactured by EZG Manufacturing in Malta, Ohio.

The spray-applied wall application of hempcrete insulation can result in 60% faster installation and reduced cure time for hemp-based buildings, McIntosh said. 

Construction panelist Ray Kaderli of Hemp Build Network is a Texas-based production builder and real estate investor who is insulating hempcrete homes in San Antonio, where a crew of hand-casting hempcrete builders recently completed a small hempcrete cannabis juicery.

Ray Kaderli (R) installs insulation on a hempcrete cannabis juice bar in San Antonio, TX. Photo courtesy of Famous Juice Co.

Panelist Stephen Clarke, founder of Heavengrown Hempcrete in Tulum, Mexico, has built hempcrete homes in Mexico and Texas since 2017 and has developed bio-based lime bricks for affordable housing materials in Mexico. 

A four-story bamboo and hempcrete solar powered eco-home in Tulum build by Heavengrown is now a tourist attraction. Photos courtesy of Heavengrown.

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Other hemp building materials speakers at the expo will include international hempcrete builder Sergiy “Doctor Hemphouse” Kovalenkov of Hempire USA and Greg Wilson, founder and CEO of Murray, KY-based HempWood. 

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Originally published February 21, 2022 on Hemp Building Mag