Hempcrete Apartment building in Paris. Photo Courtesy of North by Northwest Architects

By Hemp Today

A current supply crunch on hemp hurd in Europe, while a temporary inconvenience, signals a major shift forward for the hemp building sector and can advance the development of much-needed processing facilities.

“This is something we have or should have been expecting for a while, as the potential for expansion in the construction sector was always on the cards,” veteran hemp builder Steve Allin, founder and director of the Ireland-based International Hemp Building Association, said of the surge in demand for hemp building materials.

With most business plans requiring the identification of a potential market to prove the viability of hemp production, the current strong demand will help those advocating for fiber production facilities to be built, Allin suggested.

“For the longer term this is good news as it justifies establishing hemp processing facilities in many regions where there is currently interest in doing so,” Allin said.

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Originally published February 9, 2022 on Hemp Building Mag