Architects Gaurav Dixit and Namrata Kandwal. Courtesy of GoHemp.

By Kehrt Reyher

A startup in India’s Uttarakhand state has completed a hemp-based home it hopes will serve as a model for the expansion of sustainable, affordable housing in the state’s northeastern Himalaya region.

Green builders and materials supplier Gohemp Agroventures, based in Faldakot, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand near the Himalayan foothills, said the region can reduce dependence on conventional raw materials used in construction by making use of hemp stalks that have been considered waste by local growers.

Architects Namrata Kandwal and Gaurav Dixit, a husband-wife team that head Gohemp, put such waste material through a decorticator developed by Namrata Hemp Company, a related entity, to turn out hurd for hempcrete and fiber used in the 800 sq. ft. model home, where they live and host interested tourists.

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Originally published December 23, 2021 on Hemp Building Mag