“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller


Hemp Architectural Design – all scales of projects.

Bio-Design – custom earthen home design (superadobe)

Project visioning and planning

Vastu Design – Land evaluation, and Design of structures using sacred geometry

Master Planning – For small to large community developments

Permaculture Design – Regenerative agriculture practices and solutions

Conscious Project Management – Multiple scale projects

Training programs – Natural building (hemp) workshops and onsite training


At Haven Earth our aim is to provide services that support a more natural way of living. Our qualified and dedicated design team and building consultants are able to meet a wide spectrum of ‘natural project’ needs from individual natural structures to larger land developments, co-housing, and Eco-Community projects. One of our greatest skills is to assist in clarifying the unique “voice” of what is being called into existence on the land, merged with your own unique desires, values and aesthetic, to create a project that truly fits, and brings beauty and harmony to the land and to your life. We successfully do this with over 50 plus years of combined, international, and multifaceted Design and Building experience and a track record of successful, awarding winning eco-projects. It can often be a daunting process to embark on a new building project, especially when it is not standard construction techniques or materials. That is why at Haven Earth PMA we are dedicated to making this process as stress free and smooth as possible, guiding you through all steps of the way, to accomplish a beautiful, harmonious and ecological project.

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Project Visioning

At Haven Earth PMA we understand that creating a vision for any project is key to its success. To do this, we utilize our years of experience, creativity and technical understanding to bring together your dreams and visions for your specific project, in a practical and clear vision. We do this by considering several elements, firstly your own specific requirements, dreams and visions for the land, secondly, what the land is calling forth, both physically and energetically, and finally what is possible with design and materials. The final vision is then downloaded into a project brief, and becomes the guiding document for the project all the way through to completion.

Architectural Hemp Design

After the visioning process is complete, and a realistic brief for the project has been agreed upon, we can begin the creative process through conceptual designs, and modeling. The design is developed and further brought to life through the creation of all the details and elements of the structure and interiors, and finally laying out all the services for water, energy, waste and connectivity. Each project is unique, yet each design follows a simple process which facilitates and explores the dimensions for your own personal project, whether it be for a home, a healing space, or other modest structure. Working with Hemp is one of our specialties, and we understand the properties and possibilities these amazing natural building materials have to create healthy, healing buildings, meeting a plethora of needs and requirements for human habitation. Designing with hemp as a living material can offer not only great versatile designs, but brings us into connection with our natural world in new ways. If you have a project you are thinking to utilize Hemp-Crete, set up an initial consultation and we can explore the possibilities.

Bio Design Services

Although Hemp Building is our forte, we also feel strongly in the benefits of other alternative building techniques. Humans have been building with the earth for millennia (Adobe, Cob, Rammed earth, etc), and new techniques have been created more recently to offer solutions for modest scale building projects. Having designed and built Super Adobe Structures, our design team is able to offer services for those wishing to develop a project with Super Adobe. The process for design is no different from any other home or building design (see above) we work on, yet the design parameters with this building technique are different than that of building with hemp and so the outcome will likely be different, with a different type of aesthetic gained in the outcome.

Master Planning

Master planning is the art of developing a design strategy at a macro scale, to help envision the differing parts and elements of the project to be located on the land. For small residential one off projects this tends to be minimal, but when we move into larger developments, like eco-communities, schools, sacred structures, etc, a master plan is a valuable and integral way to bring a cohesion and strategy to the scope and scale of the project, and also the many elements that make up the whole. We combine our master planning skills with the principles and methods of permaculture and conscious land development, honoring systems that respect nature and harmonize with the land. We look at how the project interfaces with the larger community, the people that will inhabit and use the spaces, and the biodynamic services that will support them. Working with Haven Earth on your Master Plan will help to determine the possible scale and proportions of your project, and an overview that will serve (alongside the project brief) as a guide to the design of the individual elements that make up the whole, in a holistic and conscious way.

Vastu Consultation

With a Vedic build, all structures are what we call “ayadied” and that means we chose perimeter measures that vibrate in harmony with both the land and the client. We usually choose a seed structure that is like the heart or the generator for the entire land and settlement, a temple or pavilion. From this one structure a grid is spread out across the land. Imagine pulsations emanating from the center of the structure, waves of energy generated by the marriage of the earth energies flowing upward and the cosmic energies pouring in from above and meeting in the space in the center. The shape and proportions of the building create an instrument which vibrates with subtle but powerful life giving qualities. These qualities are chosen by us based on the intention of the client or community and defined through the application of this mathematical order and mandala template. A site plan is particularly harmonious when all elements of the built environment are plugged into this energetic grid like harmonious notes on a scale. All the life on the property-human, animals, gardens, orchards, chickens, and all the activities are located in supportive zones that take in the maximum subtle energy as well as material energy

Project Management

When it comes to working with Natural Building Materials, and newer systems of building and land development, people often struggle to find qualified people to carry out and execute their larger goals. Haven Earth is perfectly positioned to plug this gap currently existing, and to execute intentional and earth focussed projects of multiple scales and visions with a dedicated and inspired clientele. After years of experience implementing multi faceted and large scale mixed use developments, like Hotels, large Residential projects, resorts, etc, we understand what it takes to develop any conscious eco-project on the land. From connecting directly with the material sourcing and processors, all the way through to training the teams for execution, and final detailing, and all the mechanisms in between, we can work to oversee the process to take your unique project from conception to birth with ease and as much grace as possible. To do this, we employ our knowledge and skill in managing all the elements; timeline, budget, design standards, quality control, material sourcing, and much more, to deliver a project in a most conscious and understandable way, where all involved feel a sense of ownership and part in their own contribution to the whole, and creation of the new nature friendly development.

Permaculture Design

Be Agriculture is a consulting agency that works with clients all over the world throughout the food, farming, and health industries with a focus on storyelling, systems-thinking, and regenerative agriculture. The purpose of Be Agriculture is to call each one of us to take our rightful seat at the table of agriculture, so we can begin solving the big challenges of our time. Founder and Lead Consultant Evan Folds has 18+ years experience in the biodynamic, organic, and hydroponic realms of farming with a focus on soil fertility as a means of growing healthy people, plants, and planet. Evan serves as an elected Supervisor of New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation District, is active in performing lectures and workshops for farming groups all over the world, and is a contributing writer for many reputable growing publications.

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