DIY Winterized Hex Hemple


Join the revolution of ‘Hempioneers’ who are paving the way for a more healthy and conscious future. Build your own Hemp structure with this amazing Hexagonal Hemp Tiny House, and experience the many benefits of this Organic, Healthy and Ecological building material with a full set of constructible Blueprint drawings that can be built in your own backyard! Right now we are massively discounting this product to get these healthy, high-frequency structures built in the world and for people to get massive benefits for themselves and their families.

Hemp is a breathable building material known for its insulative properties and abilities to regulate moisture and has been found in the walls of ancient Vedic Temples. Hemp is also known to be a high-frequency material perfect for a meditation and healing space. The Hex Hemple is also an affordable and immediate solution for those looking to experience the healing benefits of hemp without the cost of adding an addition or building a house. Many dream of sleeping in a hemp structure in search of a restful night of deep sleep. These life-affirming, breathing structures can easily be modified to be EMF resistant providing a protective indoor environment while simultaneously rebalancing our bodies in these toxic times.

The Winterized Hex Hemple structure is under 120 sq ft and does not require permitting in most locations, check with local regulations. The structure is designed fully insulated with Hemp-Lime insulation, making it suitable for all seasons and even colder regions. The walls have an insulative value of R-21, roof R-18 and the floor R-15, making for a healthy and snug dwelling. 

Package Includes: 

  • Architectural Drawings with dimensions and details PDF
  • AutoCad files of the project
  • Materials Lists (not including fixings and fittings)
  • Window and Door Schedules
  • Formwork Materials List 
  • How to Hemping videos and photos
  • Access to Specialized Hemp building materials and equipment